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Introducing our winemakers

By Cleo Pahlmeyer, July 19, 2012


Winemakers Kale Anderson and Bibana Gonzales Rave

Kale Anderson (Director of Winemaking - Napa Valley) & Bibiana González Rave (Consulting Winemaker - Sonoma Coast)

We recently announced the appointment of not one, but two new winemakers.

With our portfolio spanning Bordeaux- and Burgundy-style wines, and Napa Valley and Sonoma Coast estate vineyards (it takes over three hours to get from one site to the other), we came to the conclusion that two winemakers with distinct and complementary specialties was the way to go. Kale is our director of winemaking here in the Napa Valley while Bibiana focuses on our Sonoma Coast wines.

Kale Anderson and Bibiana González Rave are delightfully, passionately obsessed with winemaking.  Everyone has heard that “great winemaking happens in the vineyards,” but Kale and Bibiana live and breathe the philosophy.


Bibiana Gonzalez Rave, Kale Anderson, Jayson Pahlmeyer & Cleo Pahlmeyer.

Bibiana, Kale, Jayson & Cleo

I’m particularly excited to work with Kale and Bibiana on their first harvest and crush with Pahlmeyer, which some are confident will be the best yet.  I hope to learn from them just as my dad did with Randy Dunn and Helen Turley 20+ years ago.