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Our new website, behind the scenes

By Cleo Pahlmeyer, June 12, 2012

About a year ago, in our ongoing effort to make Pahlmeyer the best it can be, we knew our website needed an overhaul. It wasn’t anywhere near the caliber of our wines and it wasn’t particularly easy to use. It had to be beautiful, engaging, a little surprising even, and easy to use - even for a non-techie like Jayson Pahlmeyer! 

Photos of vineyards in fog and grapes on the vine are great, but we wanted some sizzle. We were introduced to SF based photographer James Chiang who transforms everyday objects into art. For example, a few photos of winery equipment:

The fact that he had never shot a winery, barrels or a vineyard was part of his allure. We all loved the intriguing, dynamic imagery that resulted from the shoot. My favorites are below, including some outtakes that are not on the site:

Our Stories & Winemaking section came about largely because of my dad, Jayson Pahlmeyer. I wanted to capture some of the infamous stories of Pahlmeyer’s beginnings, his sense of humor and incredible good looks (a family joke).

This section will evolve with vignettes, videos and slideshows, so stay tuned.

Being mobile friendly was also a priority for our new web site. Our web producer, Karen Fass, recommended “Responsive Design,” a first in the wine industry. Responsive Design means that the display of our web site responds "automagically" to the size of the device on which our site is accessed:

See for yourself on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.