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2013: Another One-of-a-Kind Spectacular Vintage

By Winemaker Kale Anderson, October 18, 2013


2013 Harvest sunrise

                                                                            2013 Pahlmeyer Waters Ranch - Harvest sunrise

October 15, 2013, Pahlmeyer Waters Ranch Vineyard, Napa Valley - The last of the grapes have been plucked from the vines and shuttled to the winery.  Harvest is officially over, following the driest growing season in 125 years. 2012 was such a stellar vintage, we didn’t dare presume 2013 would be too - but it most definitely was.

The lack of precipitation stressed our mountain vines and stunted their growth even more than usual, yet nearly every variety produced healthy yields of very small berries - just how we like it. With small berries, the skin-to-juice ratio is very high which yields rich, ripe flavors and excellent tannin structure.

Everything was early this year. Bud break, in early March, was three weeks ahead of last year, and harvest started September 5th, with some blocks four weeks earlier than normal. Then, just as Napa Valley’s harvest hit full swing, an unexpected and very welcome autumn drizzle cooled things down, gave us time to catch our breath and rinsed the season’s dust off the fruit.  

David Wilson - Pahlmeyer Waters Ranch Vineyard manager

David Wilson - Manager, Pahlmeyer Waters Ranch Vineyard

We’ve begun our work in the cellar - monitoring each tank, pressing, punching down the caps, measuring the malo-lactic fermentation... As soon as this phase wraps up, it’ll be time to bottle the wines from the 2012 vintage. I can’t wait to share these amazing vintages with you! 

- Kale Anderson, Winemaker, Pahlmeyer Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon during punchdown

Cabernet Sauvignon during punchdown